Wag 'n Walk Mascot

Rosebud, a beagle/basset mix, and her 4 siblings were born on Thanksgiving day 2017.  Her mom and dad were rescued from the shelter and her momma was pregnant.  She is very small compared to her siblings at 11 vs. 25-40 lbs.  We immediately knew something was wrong when she came out with difficulty breathing.  It was touch and go with her survival as she gasped for air.

We soon learned that she has neurological issues especially in her head area.  Hence the reason she was having difficulty breathing and nursing.  She was unable to nurse without our assistance which required us to hold her head on the nipple.  Otherwise she would bounce off.  To further complicate matters, she is deaf, has hydrocephalus, and both of her hips are completely out of their sockets, requiring surgery.

However, she has the best spirit given her shortcomings.  She is always happy to see you and other dogs.