Wag n Walk Mascot

Snow White was born a mere 5 ounces, has a cleft lip and palate which required her to be tube fed, and a hole in her head.  The vet felt her survival was unlikely.  Was euthanization the right choice?  But not give her a chance?  We decided the greater one could make that decision and we would do all we could to give her the best chance ever.  Now almost a year old and 18 lbs, she is a joy to be around with her quirks.  She is completely deaf and has fairly good eyesight but she sometimes sees ghosts.  
She had her palate surgery at 5 months old and is now able to eat normally.  She still has a hole near her nasal which reopened after the surgery.  Next month she will have knee surgery and at that time, the nasal hole repair will be attempted again.  She manages but water goes up her nose when she drinks causing her to sneeze.  And a miracle is that the hole in her head completely healed and the seizures are very few now.  Hopefully you have been following her on our facebook page on Snow White Wednesdays.  She is a testament to our commitment of her survival, which is due to your support.